Right from the beginning Red October has been offering the best of what could be made by the hands of Russian craftsmen. People from all corners of the Globe have already visited our shops since we first opened our doors in 1989. Now it’s time for you to have an unforgettable experience in Red October shops – the inspirational chambers of wonder.

Russian style

Every piece of our souvenir products is a perfect expression of love, gratitude, celebration or admiration. The variety of styles and themes of Russian souvenirs ensures a unique gift for any occasion. All the souvenirs, gifts and arts and crafts (matryoshkas, khokhloma, furs, porcelains, gzhel items, crystal, watches, icons, semi-precious stones, lacquer miniature and many others) borrow inspiration from the Russian nature, culture and traditions and keep the warmth of their creators. The extensive selection of Russian souvenirs we offer is intended to express our respect and gratitude to our history.

Shop online

Those of you who didn’t have the opportunity or time to pay a visit to our country are always welcome to our on-line souvenir shop. Some products are really unique and exclusive or have a very limited edition which makes them especially attractive: Faberge eggs, amber, lacquer boxes etc.).